Kelly L. Bentley, Treasurer/CFO

Phone: 419-237-2573

The CFO/Treasurer’s Office is responsible for a majority of the day-to-day financial functions of the district including payroll, insurance, purchasing, payables and receivables, state and federal reporting for grants, forecasting revenues and expenditures, investing and most importantly, safe-guarding taxpayer dollars. In addition, one of the most important functions of the Treasurer’s Office is to work with the Superintendent and Fayette Local School Board Members in allocating adequate funding to all areas of the district operations.

Our goal is to provide a quality education to each and every student while being financially responsible for our district.

Kori Sliwinski

Assistant to the Treasurer

The graph below illustrates the distribution of revenue and the sources from which the revenue is received. Fayette Local School district receives 50% of its funding from the State with an additional 27% of its funding from property and tangible taxes. Just under 10% of the funding is generated from the school district’s income tax.

Fayette Local School district is a small district that has been well supported by the community, in turn we manage a respectable modest budget that meets the needs for a high quality education for our students while maintaining fiscal responsibility a priority.

Each year the district also takes advantage of Federal grant monies, through the Ohio Department of Education’s Comprehensive Continuous Improvement Plan (CCIP). Funding applications include funding for Preschool Services, Title I programming for student interventions, Special Education supports, Title IV funding for student support and academic enrichment, and the Fifth Quarter Agricultural Grant.