Fayette has a five-star rated preschool program, which is the highest rating that can be awarded through the Ohio Department of education’s preschool rating system. The program goes through a rigorous licensing process, which includes a “Step Up to Quality” review annually, to ensure the program is meeting the high standards that are set for students at all times. Our program contains engaging learning activities in a play-based environment that prepares students for a successful kindergarten school-year.

Fayette’s preschool program is one of the only full day preschool programs in the county, five days a week. All students living in the district are welcomed, as well as students seeking open-enrollment. Our transportation options for all students being picked up and dropped off within the district is another aspect that sets us apart from area preschools.

For more information contact Olivia Selgo, Elementary Principal by phone at 419-237-2776 (Ext. 1010)or email at

Preschool - Hansel/Howard/Kissel - Supply List

*book bag (w/o wheels & large enough to hold a 3

ring binder)

*spare set of clothing to be kept at school

*small blanket for rest time

Hansel, Amber

Intervention Specialist

Howard, Gina


Rupp, Jaime


Sanford, Hannah