Athletic Boosters

Fayette Athletic Boosters

Our Mission

Serve the high school and junior high school athletics of Fayette Local Schools in a positive manner.

Work to improve the morale of the community, as it reflects on the athletic program of the Fayette Schools.

Sponsor fund raising projects to purchase equipment, uniforms and any other items for the well being of high school and junior high athletics; the boosters will open a savings account to hold funds.

Open it's membership to any adult, organization, or business interested in supporting Fayette athletics (grades 7-12) are automatically honorary members.

Attempt to promote all school-sponsored teams at Fayette High School, male or female. Evaluation of coaches is a function of the administration of the Fayette Local Schools.

Executive Commitee

The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, who is the presiding officer of the committee and all present officers of the athletic boosters. and all past presidents who are presently paid members of the athletic boosters.

The Executive Committee shall be the governing body of the organization. This committee shall have the power and authority to make decisions and take all necessary action on matters, which arise before a general meeting of the athletic boosters, can be called. The Executive Committee shall also be empowered to direct the duties of the officers of this organization.